marius TROCKNET Entfeuchtungsgeräte Wien

Dehumidification & RepaiR of Water Damage for Walls, Floors, Buildings, Basements etc.

Professional dehumidification
for domestic, industrial and construction purposes

Do you have problems with moistening and you don’t know the source of it?

The German system LOMAX-P for measuring the infiltration point can help you to precisely locate the source of infiltrations and likings.

Do you want to start building a house? Very good! Keep in mind though that for a lasting construction you need not only to build fast but to dry fast and efficient, too.

The lateral infiltration is one of the most common problems for houses with basements. Ignoring the problem will bring you to ruin.

marius TROCKNET offers a professional range of dehumidifiers for domestic, industrial and construction purposes.

Contact us and we will help you to discover the proper solution for you.


Vienna Office
Jochen Rindt Strasse 15
1230 Wien

Marius Rarau
Mobil: +43 676 328 29 10




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